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2 min readDec 15, 2020

A big question around any new project is “is the dev team anonymous?”. We won’t discuss if it’s relevant or not (check our article: https://unidealio.medium.com/tech-over-trust-b2467d8aa9ac), but knowing some background can definitely help a little.

I’m enti and some of you might know me around telegram for some years now. I’ve started to invest in crypto in 2017 and have been part of the mining community for a while. My first crypto website was myhash, a crypto mining calculator based on some better algos than whattomine. It was a nice experience and evolved with some interesting technological experiments.

The website doesn’t exist anymore. I kinda let it go with PoW losing its value through time.

Being active for some years would make anyone to know my real identity easily (I even had someone calling me on my private cell phone once), but I’ll stay anonymous publicly. All you have to know is that I’m french, 45 and have been trusted on some projects for a while now.

But again, don’t trust anyone in the crypto sphere. Always rely on the technology and in our case, on the smart contracts. And that’s what we will try to show through the development of the different uniDeal projects. This article only exists as a response to the usual “anonymous” question.

Be free to join the official TG channel and participate to our test run. That’s the best way to know me and see how the project works. And also a chance to enter the whitelist directly.

See you there!